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1-Which cargo company will my order be sent with?

After purchasing the product, you can see the cargo company from the My Orders page and the cargo tracking number sent to your e-mail address.

2-Where can I see when my order will be shipped?

After purchasing the product, you can find the information about when the product will be shipped from My Orders page and the cargo tracking code that will be sent to your e-mail address

3-My parcel is late, what can I do?

You can call the related cargo company and send an e-mail to

4-I have defined more than one delivery address,How can I update my delivery address? Can I change my delivery address information?how can I make a valid address?

You can define a delivery address by clicking the Add New Address button on the My Addresses page in the My Account menu or you can send an e-mail to

5-How many days is the order delivery time?,

Delivery time of the cargo is 15 working days

6-What is the shipping fee?

order item quantity shipping fee $ 10

PRODUCTS (product return, change, cancellation)

How can I cancel,return, change, cancellation, my order?

Within 4 days of order confirmation, you may cancel. After 5 days, or if the cargo has reached your side, with the pandemic epidemic CAUSE OF DISEASE (COVID19), !!!! CANCELLATION, REFUND, EXCHANGE ARE MADE.

2-How to search for products?

In, you can search the site by clicking the Search button after typing the keywords in the search box at the top of the pages.
You can also find it from the product category. You can proceed by clicking the main categories and sub-categories from the All Categories heading. On the search results pages, you can see the products that match the criteria you are looking for in a list.
. You can sort the results according to certain criteria from the “Sort” field at the top right of the results page. You can list it by price (lowest to highest or vice versa).
You can use the list or catalog options in the “View” field in the upper right part of the search results, as standard or bottom view.

3-How can I get detailed information about the product?

You can send live chat or mail to

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products suitable for your style

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